Week 14: With a Smile

Nights so dark they are navy blue
Her eyes are candles in the desert
She wanders like a leaf falls to earth
Lizards dance at her ankles
Even the owls have forgotten how long

One more step is the very last one
Suddenly she is a pile of bones
A brittle memory bleached white
Her tired lungs hardly whispering

Rolling onto her back she sees the north sky
Draco arches his spine, white teeth glittering
She shudders and rises unsteady to her feet
She lifts her chin and addresses the starry dragon

He bows his great head to listen
A quiet moment passes

Now he snaps his tongue and snarls
A comet of fire rages from his nostrils
Red hot, it glows and spits as it rattles down
Sparks cascade, igniting fires across the galaxy

She reaches out and her fingers melt into gold
The flame wraps around her like a silk cloak
She crumbles into ashy oblivion with a smile
And Draco curls back into his timeless slumber.

Author’s Notes:

I like the first stanza of this one. It’s very loose and ambient, but together creates an image that I think is really nice.

Favorite Line:
She wanders like a leaf falls to earth

Line that I Think is a Bit Off:
Suddenly she is a pile of bones